Совсем недавно увидела свет новая версия системы дистанционного образования eFront learning system 3.5.3. По моему мнению самое главное нововведение — управление группами пользователей и групповые ключи перешли в Community Edition, иным словам стали доступны абсолютно всем. Теперь можно добавить пользователя в группу и ему будут доступны все уроки и курсы назначенные этой группе.

К сожалению ложка дегтя всеже осталась. При добавлении нового пользователя в группу нужно на двух вкладках Group lessons и Group courses щелкнуть Assign selected courses to group users (Назначить выбранные курсы для пользователей группы) для проставления разрешений.


Если бы авторы сделали именно автоматическое назначение курсов при включении пользователя в группу, цены бы им не было.

Список основных нововведений и дополнений

=== Version 3.5.3 build 3893 ===

• Added group keys to community Edition
• Admin sets auto-logout time for users
• Performance enhancements when displaying courses/lessons list
• Tests pending for correction are now easy to manipulate
• «Digital file library» option does not display in administration if there aren’t any shared files
• GZ handler is now set to enabled by default
• magic_quotes_gpc setting is now mandatory to be disabled
• Fixed issues with tests performance and memory utilization
• Updated API. Operations for create lesson, add course to user, delete course from user, return user courses and catalog.
• Applied visual fixes to personal messages, as well as a bcc option
• Added default exception handler
• Fixed on-line users synching in sidebar
• Deleting a lesson while users are inside is handled correctly
• Fixd issue during tests upgrade that messed settings
• Fixed issue not being able to add questions when there is a «content» filter
• Added distinction between mandatory and recommended php settings
• Fixed issue with custom student type breaking the unit completion
• Removed safe_mode recommendation
• Added check for session.save_path setting
• Various surveys fixes
• Fixed bug in adding forum to all lessons.
• Fixed bug in «use none» cms page.
• Fixed problem with issued certificates during upgrade.
• Added Brazilian Real in currency choices. Fixed selectbox option for IE.
• Currency symbol order customizable from locale settings
• Fixed bug with lesson completion conditions
• Corrected dates in previous day,month,year choices in system reports
• Popup window in uploading logo does not close any more in order to check changes
• Fixed problem in switching betwwen mapped accounts in professor
• Show error message when there is an exception in upload file popup
• Fixed bug in online users after switching between mapped accounts
• Disabled activate status icon link in surveys when end date expired
• Fixed downloaded zip files becoming corrupted when gz_handler was enabled
• Added «empty content» note to the student’s control panel when a lesson is empty
• Fixed not being able to continuingly enabling/disabling files.
• Numerical logins are now allowed
• Added build number to footer
• Added questions randomization based on content in tests
• Inactive users login fixed
• Fixed bug in reporting for users not in current lesson
• Fixed future dates issue
• Fixed memory overusage during restore
• Available languages now show only active ones
• Added active users filter in statistics
• Fixed loosing current lesson when sidebar opens late
• Fixed future announcement bug
• Fixed login issues for inactive users
• Several additional currencies
• Over 100 additional fixes and improvements